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For a decade and a half, Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing And Consulting has led the way when it comes to mold inspection and indoor asbestos testing in Edmonton, AB. Our team consists of dedicated experts in the field of mold remediation, asbestos detection and indoor air quality monitoring. As a result of our years of dedication and our unique ability to create lasting solutions for our clients, we have quickly risen to become the most trusted air quality service in the region.

When our customers choose to work with us, the first thing we do is send an inspection team to the property in question and begin preparing the site for inspection. Since air quality is not a static property, and the contents and contaminants present in any building's air can change over time, we take great care to arrive at highly reliable conclusions using the most advanced technology available. This is just one of the advantages that serves to distinguish us from our competitors and offers our clients a greater value than any other air quality service on the market.

Once we have set up our equipment on location, our team of air quality experts then begins the process of extracting samples of the surrounding air and subjecting it to testing. Following these tests, our team of experts interpret the results to provide key consultation services to help you improve the health of yourself and your guests, family members or coworkers. We have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious firms in the region, and are committed to improving the quality of our services constantly in order to deliver better results with every project we complete.

Learn more about indoor air quality testing by giving us a call and arranging a consultation with one of our specialists today!

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